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Medway NHS Foundation Trust
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Equality and Fairness Steering Group

The Trust has an Equality and Fairness Steering Group formed of staff members, representatives from the local community and supported by a non-executive board member. The group meets every two months. The aim of the Group is to contribute to the development of human rights, equality and diversity policies and strategies, including the Trust's Single Equality Scheme, for the benefit of both staff and patients.


Progress on human rights, equality and diversity, including the Single Equality Scheme action plan, is reported to this group by the Human Rights, Equality and Diversity Manager.


Some of the information associated with this work may be of a personal and confidential nature and therefore will be excluded as will any other confidential material. Material relating to the health and safety of specific individuals, as to law enforcement or criminal or regulatory investigative material or audit issues may also be excluded from publication.


Download the Equality and Fairness Steering Group terms of reference.

To view the minutes from the steering group meetings select the links in the further information box.