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Car parking


Parking on the Medway Maritime Hospital site is limited; where possible we encourage the use of alternative modes of transport other than car.


Please be advised that the Montgomery Road entrance can get congested with traffic at times, so please be aware that there is an alternative entrance to the hospital that can access the patient car parks via Marlborough Road.


On site we have two allocated car parks for patients and visitors with a pay on foot system in operation i.e. you pay for your parking after your appointment at one of the six pay stations which can be located at the following locations.


  • Hospital front entrance adjacent to the security and car parking reception desk

  • Atrium level 2 Green zone

  • Sunderland day case hospital entrance

  • Front of Car Park 2 

  • Outside Main Hospital Entrance

Car park one is located at the hospital front entrance, Car park two is located at the Sunderland Day Case Centre entrance.


Please be aware that the Trust reviewed car parking concessions in July 2012 and a decision was taken to charge blue badge holders standard parking fees. This is to create fairness around concessions.


The Medway NHS Foundation Trust operates a parking charge notice scheme which is based on a fine of £60, reducing to £30 if paid within 14 days.


With a limited amount of parking space available, you may have difficulty finding a parking place at peak times. If so, please ask a traffic management attendant to help you.

Car parking charges

At Medway Maritime Hospital, car parking revenue is placed directly back into patient care.


Charges are:


0-2 hours        £2.00

2-3 hours        £3.00

3-4 hours        £4.00
4-5 hours        £5.00

5-24 hours      £8.00


Please note change to car parking concessions

Blue badge holders are charged standard parking fees;this is to create fairness around concessions. 


We offer a range of other concessions to make car parking accessible for all our patients and visitors. The full list of concessions can be viewed here.