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Reaching out on breast cancer

Reaching out on breast cancer

We were absolutely thrilled to be invited by the ladies of the Kent Khawateem Association to talk about breast screening. Dr Asma Javed, Breast Screening Lead explained how important it was to have the screening and how it could save lives. Women were urged to attend breast screening appointments when invited because, put simply, the earlier potential cancer is detected and treated, the better the chance of surviving it.

During our discussion women were encouraged to ask questions and speak openly about their thoughts on and experiences of breast cancer. We were able to address fears that some women had about breast cancer and the screening process, and it was humbling to hear the experiences of those who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. A number spoke very positively about the care and treatment they had received from the hospital.

The evening ended with a pot luck meal of over 50 delicious dishes; the Kent Khawateem Association has some very talented cooks!

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January 2018