Electronic Patient Records are coming to Medway

November 2021

We are transforming the way we deliver patient care by introducing Electronic Patient Records (EPR) throughout the hospital.

At the moment, patient information is held in many different places on various systems, including on paper, which can cause unnecessary delays. In stages over the next three years, these records will be brought together into just one computer system.

The first phase will cover 26 adult in-patient wards and Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC). The trust is committed to delivering this as soon as possible but we must be sure that the time is right, as we know that winter always brings additional pressure to all NHS services.

Once EPR is fully in place across the hospital, all information about a patient’s medical history and treatment will be available electronically, on screen, at any location, at any time.

David Sulch, Chief Medical Officer at the Trust, said: “Electronic patient records will have a profound impact and bring us into the 21st century. We have been preparing for the first phase for many months and remain committed to going live with this new system as soon as we can.

“This is about giving our healthcare professionals the digital tools they need to do the job, every day. Electronic patient records will also vastly improve the patient experience. For example, patients should no longer need to give the same information to different members of staff several times or undergo repeated tests because there is no electronic record to access.”

The same electronic patient record system is also being introduced at hospitals in west and east Kent, so records will ultimately be able to be shared between them too.

‘Electronic patient records will give us more time to care’

Emma Hughes, Senior Sister in the Same Day Emergency Care team, said: “We are very excited about this because we often only get temporary notes and limited information about our patients. With electronic patient records, we will be able to get the whole picture straightaway. We will be able to quickly record everything on just one system, and will not have to spend time chasing for information, so it will give us more time to care.”

FACTFILE: What electronic patient records means for you, the patient:

  • Less staff spent time on paperwork and admin
  • No need to repeat your details to different staff
  • Faster diagnoses, treatment and discharge
  • More efficient referrals
  • Less likely to need to cancel or reschedule appointments
  • Improved patient safety (less opportunity for human error)
  • Greater security of information
  • Faster dispensing of prescriptions.