Finance including Accounts Payable

Potential New Suppliers

If you would like to offer your goods and services to Medway NHS Foundation Trust please see Procurement Services.

Existing Suppliers 

(excluding Pharmaceutical suppliers - please see Pharmacy)

If you are an existing supplier To invoice Medway NHS Foundation Trust;

Email your invoice to

  • Each invoice should be a separate pdf attachment and the email header should include the word ‘invoice’
  • Credit notes should be send separately and the email header should include the word ‘credit’

Please be aware this is a systems email account specifically for the receipt of invoices and is not manned.

If you are unable to supply invoices in this way then please post to;

Finance Department
Residence 13A
Medway NHS Foundation Trust
Windmill Road

To protect the organisation against fraud invoices can only be accepted for processing if sent to these locations.

Please do not send invoices to other departments or individuals as they cannot be processed and will result in payment delays.

NHS standard payment terms are within 30 calendar days of receipt of the goods, a valid invoice or resolution of a dispute (whichever is later).

Non-standard payment terms will only be recognised if contractually agreed with procurement 

For it to be a valid invoice it must;

  • Only be raised once goods/services have been dispatched, the Trust cannot pay in advance of supply unless contractually agreed with Procurement.
  • Clearly state
    • Invoice or Credit Note
    • Your company name and address
    • Your company and VAT registration numbers
    • Your bank account details where payment should be made
    • Net £, Vat £ and Invoice Total £
    • Trust Purchase Order Number

If these conditions are not met then the invoice is not valid, will enter the dispute process and payment delays should be expected.


If you have any queries relating to invoicing the Trust including chasing payment please contact;

Queries sent to this email account will be responded to within 3 working days.

If your query is urgent please telephone the Financial Processing Team on one of the following numbers:

  • 01634 976211
  • 01634 976349
  • 01634 976402

If any queries need to be escalated please contact:

Financial Processing Supervisor 01634 976232


Financial Processing Manager 01634 833865