High Quality Care

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High Quality Care aims are to ensure consistent, high quality care, with an emphasis on continuously improving safety, quality and experience and ensuring that the care patients receive is evidence-based and reliable.

Designing quality into every aspect of our services help us achieve our goals. This is a vital component of the Trust’s quality improvement plan. 

We want our high quality services to be:

  • safe
  • effective
  • person-centred
  • promoting better health and well-being.

To achieve a culture of high quality care we have incorporated five enablers which run through our Quality Strategy:

  • An inspirational vision of high quality care
  • Aligned goals at every level
  • Employee engagement
  • Continuous learning and quality improvement
  • Team working, cooperation and integration.

Structure and design

The High Quality Care programme is made up of four ‘missions’, all focused on improving the safety, quality and experience of care for our patients. 
We use improvement methodology to set clear improvement aims and measures and to identify the key changes and actions to achieve the desired outcomes.

The approach will include:

  • Leadership development, advice and support for staff in quality and patient safety
  • Building capability in improvement methodology
  • Advise, support and empower clinical staff and teams to test and implement changes to learn from what works and from what doesn’t work
  • Create forums for sharing, celebrating and recognising best practice across the Trust and wider care system.

The programme supports the principles of using data and meaningful measurement for improvement.

Within the four missions, there are nine priority projects all of which will be clinically led and supported by multidisciplinary teams to deliver and achieve the required outcomes and benefits for our patients, the community and our staff.

The missions and projects are:

 Mission 1 – Deliver Safe Care and Reduce Harm

  • Fundamentals of Nursing Care
  • Safeguarding
  • Infection Prevention and Control

Mission 2 – Reduce Variation and create a Safety Learning Culture

  • Serious Incident Review Framework
  • Quality Governance and Safety Learning Culture   

Mission 3 – Transform the Patient Experience

  • Patient Experience

 Mission 4 – Create the Conditions for Quality

  • Reclaiming the Nursing Landscape
  • Ward Quality Assurance programme
  • Improve Medical Leadership

The benefits will be seen by:

  • Achieving the ‘Must Do’ and ‘Should Do’ improvements contained within the CQC Action plan, and ensuring compliance with fundamental standards of care.
  • Demonstrating reductions in harm to patients and improvement in processes and patient outcomes.
  • Demonstrating additional benefits in reducing length of stay, reducing variation in practice and improving our efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Improvements in patients’ experience of care.
  • Reduction in healthcare-associated infections and compliance with infection prevention and control standards.

 For more information please refer to the full Improvement Plan Programme.