Integrated Healthcare

Integrated healthcare banner

Integrated care is often referred to as “joined-up” care. The aims of the programme will be to deliver a more “joined-up” approach to how Medway residents receive healthcare both in the community and in the hospital. Care may be for emergency health needs, cancer care or long-term conditions.

What will we do through this programme?

We will ensure that patients receive care in the best possible place for the level of need that they have. If that need is for hospital-based (acute) care, the programme will support this being delivered in the most timely, effective way in hospital.

The Integrated Care Programme will see the Trust work with partners in community health, GP, mental health, social care and other settings to provide specialist support to keep people as healthy as possible in their own homes and ensure that we have enough capacity within the hospital to support those who need that care most.

Benefits be for patients and staff

Patients should expect:

  • Safe, high quality, consistent care each time they come to the hospital
  • The right care in the right place for their level of health need
  • Approachable, respectful staff who are skilled and responsive to their needs.

Staff should expect:

  • Support to contribute positively to the plans for the Trust’s future 
  • Development to reach their potential
  • To be happy, safe and proud to work in the Trust because of the focus on supporting them to deliver high-quality, consistent care to patients.

We are already making a difference

  • We have maintained Cancer Care (diagnosis and treatment) during the COVID-19 pandemic through the use of Trust and independent hospital sites to keep patients safe.
  • We have embedded new processes in transferring patients from ambulances to A&E  and in safely and efficiently directing patients in A&E to ensure they are seen quickly and in the right place for their level of need.
  • We have moved some of our specialist outpatient care into telephone clinics to reduce patients coming to hospital unnecessarily.
  • We have restarted our elective specialist care in a phased way to ensure we can keep both patients and staff safe whilst in the hospital.
  • We have worked closely with community partners to ensure that patients who are able to, are safely discharged out of hospital either to their own home or to a suitable place for their ongoing needs.
  • We have re-sited some of our clinical areas to ensure services are better located  and allow one-way flow of traffic through the hospital to maintain social distancing
  • We continue to modernise hospital facilities in our Accident and Emergency, as part of the planned works already started prior to COVID-19.
  • We have started a programme of refurbishment some of our older inpatient wards to ensure they meet the required standards for a modern hospital and respond to new infection management requirements.