Our People

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The ‘Our People’ pillar of the Trust’s Improvement Plan is intrinsically linked to the People Strategy launched in April 2019.

Our staff are committed to providing the highest quality of care. The wellbeing and support of our staff is one of our priorities. We will ensure that our managers will receive support to lead innovative staff-led improvements.

Strategic design of the Trust to be well-led incorporates:

Best of people

  • We aim to transform ourselves through innovative staff-led improvements that meet the needs of our patients now and in the future.

Best culture

  • We aim to have a culture of openness and transparency, values that staff live by, and quality-led actions across our entire workforce.

Best future

  • We will deliver a workforce ready for the future, supported with the right skills to deliver quality care and to allow us to reach our full potential.

 Our aims are to:

  • Continue with our successful local, national and international recruitment
  • Make sure our staff have an excellent work-life balance. It simply means carving out appropriate time for staff professional and personal life.
  • Deliver on our equality and inclusion plans to narrow differences through implementing the plans from our Workforce Race Equality Standard, the Workforce Disability Equality Standard, a refreshed Equality Delivery System and Gender pay gap.
  • Ensure a 'Just Culture' is embedded through our policies and practices.
  • Improvement of Organisational Culture, Organisational Development with Quality Service Improvement and Redesign.
  • Embed values, behaviours and culture throughout our organisation.
  • Introduce performance management processes to support staff to achieve their goals and to thrive in high-performing teams.
  • Deliver genuine, sustained improvement through staff survey action plans.

Delivery of Trust-wide culture programme

We are working with our Improvement Directors and NHS England/Improvement to commission a Trust-wide Organisational Development, culture and leadership programme. The programme will work in conjunction with  the way we do things – embodied through our You are the Difference culture programme, our current leadership programme and Quality Service Improvement and Redesign to support:

  • A genuine move to a clinically-led organisation
  • A culture that minimises risks while increasing patient satisfaction
  • A high-performing executive team and Board
  • Developing a collaborative culture
  • Enhanced employee resilience
  • Ensuring our values are lived by all.

Improving leadership across the Trust

We will address the gaps identified in the Care Quality Commission’s well-led area and set in place remedial actions to include risk management, leadership stability and capability, visibility and reporting assurance.

Our key measures are:

  • Best of People
  • Reduction in staff turnover – we can achieve this by succession planning, support, promotion opportunities and personal development
  • Reduction in the number of leavers citing work-life balance
  • Reduction in temporary workforce spend
  • Recruiting more substantive staff

We will continue to action developments from our equality standards and pay gap reports through our staff networks to increase opportunities for all staff to progress their career at the Trust.

Best of Culture

  • Staff survey to increase staff engagement
  • We will measure impact of staff surveys – for example how much more confident they feel about raising issues.
  • Embed You are the Difference as part of induction for new joiners

Best Future

Appraisal compliance – we will ensure that quality appraisals and personal development plans are completed every year.

Improve our Leadership Programme offerings across the organisation and reaching out to more levels in the organisation to equip leaders already in post, but also readying the next generation of staff for their first leadership positions.

We will continue to exceed our mandated apprenticeship target, spend effectively against the levy and increase the number of opportunities for apprenticeships across a wider field.

 We will continue to action developments from our equality standards and pay gap reports through our staff networks to improve the experience of all staff members.

How we will know we are making progress

We will measure and monitor:

  • Where we are now (July 2020)
  • Where we want to be this time next year
  • Where we want to be in 3 years