Our strategies

Strategies for the future - for the people of Medway and Swale

At Medway we want healthcare to be better for the population we serve, but we are also clear that in some areas the services we provide will need to be different in future, and there will need to be changes to the way we provide them. We must also make sure the care we provide is sustainable for the future. That is why we are working with our health and social care partners to transform care across the hospital, and in the community.

We have published four key documents – our Clinical Strategy, Quality Strategy, People Strategy, and Financial Recovery Plan. They set out what we will do over the next three years to ensure we have the right services in the right place for our patients, with the appropriate resources and staff whose first priority is the quality of care they provide.

These documents are linked, and are supported by a number of enabling initiatives which are essential to make the necessary changes and improvements to care for our patients. These include plans covering our estate (buildings and facilities), digital / technology, and culture. In all we do, we recognise that the patient is central to planning and delivering improvements, and listening to our community and service users is integral to developing services for the future.

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