Patient First

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Our new, dynamic approach to providing excellent care, every time

We have introduced ‘Patient First’ to help us improve the care and services we provide to the people of Medway and Swale. This new improvement system means we focus on fewer, more targeted priorities that can have a big impact quickly. With this approach, we can deliver real and lasting change over time.

Patient First gives our staff the skills, tools and confidence to make small changes that matter most. All colleagues play their part, whether they are out on the wards, in other clinical areas or providing essential support services.

We know that patients receive better care and have better experiences, when staff feel they are able to make a difference. That’s why the Trust is investing in Patient First, empowering its people and supporting them to make small, daily improvements that they know will improve services for patients and each other.

It also means everyone in the hospital is following the same methodology to help identify opportunities for improvement, allowing us to keep our progress on track.

Patient First: One Year In

Take a look at some of our improvement successes during our first year of Patient First in our 'One Year In' booklet

Patient First Strategy

I am delighted to be able to introduce the Trust’s Patient First Strategy for the next year. It is a pivotal moment for us as we are one year into our Patient First journey, and redefining how we approach quality and continuous improvement to provide the best possible healthcare services for the people of Medway and Swale in the future.
Jayne Black, Chief Executive

Patient First facts:

  • A recognised and proven system for delivering significant long term change within the NHS
  • Identifies key areas for improvements and the root cause of problems
  • Provides tools, techniques and a standard approach to identifying and tracking improvement needed
  • Gives staff clarity about what they need to do, every day, and empowers them to make change happen in any areas of the Trust where they work
  • Sets outs very clear and specific targets about what needs to be achieved in a fixed timescale

The Patient First Triangle

We can use the Patient First Triangle to explain how the approach works.


The patient is at the very top, to show that everything we do leads up to the patient, they are first and foremost – we call this our ‘True North.’

Supporting us to ensure patients remain our focus are our Trust mission and values – what staff aim achieve, every day, and the behaviours and expectations that guide what we do.

The next layer sets out the five areas, or domains (referred to as our ‘True North domains’) that our activity needs to line up with, to make sure we are focused on constantly improving standards of care.

Our five domains are: Patients, People, Sustainability, Quality and Systems and Partnerships.

At the base sit our strategic initiatives – the Executive-led areas of work we need and want to focus on over the next one to three years so that we can make the improvements we need to make.

Patient views and involvement

Patient feedback is always welcome. Let us know what you think about Patient First and if you would be interested in helping shape future Patient First activity as it develops further. Contact for further information.