Thanking our staff

staff awards

Thanking our staff

We want everyone to receive outstanding care and to help support this we are asking patients and visitors to tell us when they have had a good experience at Medway Maritime Hospital.

We believe it’s important to identify and reward those individual members of staff or teams who deliver good patient care because this can help us to raise our standards further across the entire organisation.

Giving staff the recognition they deserve inspires them and other colleagues to deliver a fantastic service all the time, so we ask anyone who has had a great experience with a member of our staff to nominate them for a WoW award. WoW is a national awards scheme designed to reward employees from across the public and private sector who have received compliments from members of the public. 

How to nominate

Whether you are a patient, carer or visitor, you can nominate a member of staff or a team for an award. You can either pick up a nomination form from around the hospital or you can easily nominate online.

Nominations are reviewed on a monthly basis by WOW! and hand signed certificates are issued to the winners.