FOI 5755 - Nutritional management of patients with colorectal cancer

Date: 09 December 2019 to 08 December 2022

Name of organisation (NHS Trust): 

Please list the acute hospital site/s within the Trust: 


  1. The hospital would be described as a (please delete as appropriate):
    1. District General (defined as a major provider of secondary care in the local area
    2. Teaching hospital (defined as a centre of secondary or tertiary care in a major city that is affiliated with a medical school and/or has a large academic department)
  2. Total number of inpatient beds at this hospital:
  3. Does the hospital provide colorectal cancer services:
  4. Is the hospital a specialist colorectal cancer care centre:


  1. How many dietitians are employed in the hospital (please answer in FTE units):
  2. How many dietitians are commissioned to provide dietetic services in each cancer type (please answer in FTE units. Where no time is commissioned, please enter 0):  


Colorectal cancer care

Breast cancer care

Lung cancer care

Pancreato-hepato-biliary cancer care


Dedicated, tumour-specific, post*







Specialist general cancer care dietitian**






* This does not include specialist cancer posts that cover multiple cancer types.

**E.g. a cancer care dietitian that covers multiple cancer types – time is not split by cancer type


  1. a. Is there any band 5, general dietetic cover for colorectal cancer care
  2. If yes, how many dietitians are commissioned (please answer in FTE units): 
  3. If there is dietetic time commissioned for colorectal cancer care at the hospital, does this include outpatient or community follow up after discharge? (please delete as appropriate)
    1. N/A no dietetic time commissioned for colorectal cancer care
    2. Yes, by the colorectal cancer specialist dietitian    Yes, by a general cancer specialist dietitian
    3. Yes, follow up by the community dietetic team     Yes, by a non-specialist dietitian (band 5)
    4. No outpatient or community follow up available     Other - please specify:
  4. If dietetic time is commissioned for colorectal cancer care, where does the funding come from?


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    FOI 5755
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    Patient - Activity Data
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    Please see attached response