FOI 5820-Trust Complaints Data 2018-19

Date: 09 December 2019 to 09 December 2022

Last year (2018-19) for your acute Trust: 

  1. How many complaints were upheld by the Ombudsman?
  2. How many complaints were partly upheld by the Ombudsman?
  3. What was your complaints (3 working days) performance as a percentage?
  4. What was your complaints (final response) performance target in days?
  5. What was your performance as a percentage in response to this target? (e.g. 75% of complaints are answered within 25 working days or as agreed with the complainant)

6.How many days does it take on average for you to respond to a complaint?


Please add these numbers to this table:




  1. PartUph 
  2. 3WD%
  3. WD Tgt
  4. WD % Achievement
  5. Avg Tot Days 









  • Request ID:
    FOI 5820
  • Category:
    Trust - Complaints/PALs
  • Response:

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