Ann Bushnell

ann bushnell
Appointed as a staff governor for the Trust in August 2015


I have been a member of staff at Medway Maritime Hospital since 1999, having started my career at All Saints Hospital, Chatham in 1996. My background is in Clinical Audit and Governance.

Why I became a governor

I became a staff governor to represent the interests and views of all staff throughout the organisation. I feel that every staff member should have a voice in the development and decision making process of the Trust to benefit both staff and patients.

What I plan to achieve

My personal objective is to meet with staff to discuss and listen to their issues and concerns, in regard to what is working well and what could be improved, and feeding those views into the work of the Council. I believe that working together, staff, governors and directors can continue to provide the high standard of care our patients deserve.
I will continue to support the improvements of our hospital and aim to be part of an organisation where staff are proud to work, feel valued and one that provides patients with safe, quality care.