Renee Coussens

renee coussens
Appointed as a public governor for the Trust in June 2008


I am a retired teacher, and was a Deputy Head teacher for several years before I retired.
When the Community Health Council was abolished in 2003 I became a member of the Patient and Public Involvement Forum attached to the Medway Maritime Hospital. I became interested in the problem of hospital infections especially MRSA. With other members of the forum I sought to improve the situation and to keep members of the public informed. I attended meetings on behalf of the Forum and provided regular reports.

Why I became a governor

In offering myself as a governor, I hoped to continue to help patients especially in the area of infection control.

What I plan to achieve

I believe the Medway Hospital Foundation Trust will give a first rate service to the community. I want to be a part of this and to be proud of what I consider to be "my" hospital.

Special interests

Infection control and all that this entails to help Medway Maritime Hospital achieve as high a standard as possible.