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Meet your Governors and tell us what is important to you. 

Our Governors represent local people and are a link into Medway Maritime Hospital. This is your opportunity to raise any questions and let them have your views.

Meet your Governors 2021

Date Time Link to join
Wednesday 27 January 10am This event was held virtually - see below for further details
Thursday 18 March 10am This event was held virtually - see below for further details
Tuesday 18 May 10am This event was held virtually - see below for further details
Wednesday 21 July 10am This event was held virtually - see below for further details
Thursday 30 September 10am

Some of our Governors will be in the Pentagon shopping centre to hear what’s important to you. They would love to chat to you if you see them on the Medway NHS Foundation Trust stand.

Tuesday 19 October 1pm This event will be held virtually - email us to register
Thursday 2 December TBC Details to be confirmed - email us to register

We are arranging a programme of dates throughout 2021 for you to meet your Governors. These will take place virtually until it is safe for us to return to face to face events. 

These sessions are open to all Medway and Swale residents and you can join them by emailing us (email below) to register your place and a link to join the session will be sent out before the event. If you have any queries or require assistance, please contact the Membership Office:

Telephone: 01634 825292


We look forward to seeing you there.

Updates from the sessions

Meet the Governors - 19 October 2021

We hope you can join us!

To join this session please email A link to join will be sent nearer the time of the event.


Meet the Governors - 21 July 2021

Glyn Allen, Lead Governor said a find farewell as he is coming to the end of his term of office. He reflected on the positive improvements that have been made to the Trust and thanked everyone for their support. He also introduced our newly elected Governors who joined this session who all took the opportunity to introduce themselves. Glyn went onto address the Trust's procedures in the lead up to 'Freedom Day'.

Discussed during the session were the role and influence of the Governors at the hospital; more information was asked regarding the Governors log; concerns were raised about nurses isolating and 'freedom day'; There was a discussion on GP's and concerns with the CCG and MCH.


Meet the Governors – 18 May 2021

Attendees were updated by the Lead Governor, Glyn Allen on our exciting news of our new Chief Executive, Dr George Findlay and welcoming the CQC back to the Trust.  

Discussed during the session included the Trust trialling blue wristbands for patients suffering with dementia; volunteers misguiding patients to MRI scan; interest in where all the parking ticket machines are; updates on Ruby Ward. It was an opportunity for the public to also share some of their/their families recent positive experiences visiting Medway Maritime Hospital.


Meet the Governors – 18 March 2021

Glyn Allen (Public Governor Medway and Lead Governor),  Jacqui Hackwell (Public Governor Medway), Doreen King  (Public Governor Medway), David Nehra Public Governor Swale), Penny Reid (Public Governor Medway) and John Wright (Partner Governor) were joined by Glynis Alexander (Executive Director of Communications and Engagement) and Victoria Bean (Governor and Membership Officer) and welcomed members of the public  to this second Meet the Governors session of 2021.

Attendees were updated by the Lead Governor on current issues including Governor elections, COVID-19, the vaccination programme, elective surgery and the Care Quality Commission inspection. In response to a question raised Governors confirmed they had been kept fully up-to-date during the pandemic, moving to virtual meetings and receiving regular updates. The importance of the public receiving up to date information was discussed and the routes of communication were outlined including through Governors, local press, social media, member bulletins and  Community Groups. In response to a question raised in advance about attending face to face appointment it was confirmed that staff were strongly encouraged to have the vaccination and the Trust began vaccinating staff before Christmas and the majority have now received their jab, with many receiving their second dose. Other measures in place including wearing PPE, and infection prevention and control measures such as washing and gelling hands, wearing masks, and maintaining 2 metre social distance. The Trust also use lateral flow tests – these are available to staff to self-test twice a week, even if they do not have symptoms. Attendees also highlighted some local community schemes for patients to be transported for vaccinations.


Meet the Governors – 27 January 2021

Glyn Allen (Public Governor Medway and Lead Governor), Helen Belcher (Partner Governor), John Wright (Partner Governor), Lyn Gallimore (Public Governor Swale), Doreen King (Public Governor Medway) and Jacqui Hackwell (Public Governor Medway) were pleased to be joined by  Karen McIntyre (Associate Director of Patient Experience), Bobbie Walkem-Smith (Community Engagement Officer) and Victoria Bean ( Governor and Membership Officer) and to welcome members of the public to this virtual Meet the Governors session.  Issues discussed during the session included an update on the staff vaccination programme and assurance all staff in all roles were being encouraged to have the vaccination; confirmation the Emergency Department was open for business during the COVID pandemic; access to iPads to facilitate communication with families; communication with the public during the pandemic. It was an opportunity for Governors to be updated on the Hospital Radio Medway and for an updated be provided by one of the attendees on 111CAS.