'Trailblazing' appointment of Chief Quality Officer

Date: 29 April 2015

Medway has become one of the first NHS Trusts to appoint a Chief Quality Officer to the Executive Team. Dr Trisha Bain has taken on this new and important role which reflects the Trust’s commitment to assessing the quality of its services and to facilitating improvement in all areas of the Trust.
She will provide leadership in helping to identify key areas for improving quality throughout the Trust, in line with the targets and expectations set out in the 18 month and five-year Trust improvement plans.
The appointment has been welcomed by Nick Black, Professor of the Health Services Research at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who has been advocating and championing the role of Chief Quality Officers in Trusts across the country. So far, Medway is only one of two Trusts in England to pioneer this exciting initiative.
He said: “Medway is exceptional in making this appointment. They are trailblazers. Hopefully, gradually, Medway is the start of a sea change in Trusts across the country.”
“Trusts need someone who can offer visionary leadership and guidance on assessing and improving quality. Quality still remains everyone’s business – just because you have a Director of Finance doesn’t mean that nobody else in the organisation has a responsibility for finance. Often a clinical department wants to improve but doesn’t know how – that’s when an expert, experienced Chief Quality Officer can work with them, providing guidance and support to help facilitate change.”
Trisha will work closely with the Medical Director and Chief Nurse to provide her expertise and support not only providing technical and scientific advice but also behavioural and organisational aspects of improving quality.
She will support the rigorous assessment of quality throughout the Trust and lead and develop quality improvement. Her additional responsibility for information systems in the Trust will help ensure these are aligned with quality to provide robust data and evidence to review performance.
She said: “This is a really exciting opportunity for Medway. I believe that linking quality assurance and information teams will provide us with a framework for prioritising and managing the whole quality agenda and setting clear and measurable strategies.”
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