Health records - patient and third party access

Data Protection Act 1998

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives every living person, or their authorised representative, the right to apply for access to their medical records irrespective of when they were compiled. The exception to this is the records of deceased patients, which are still governed by the Access to Health Records Act 1990.
Responsibility for dealing with an access to medical record request lies with the "data controller". The Trust is known as a data controller. A data subject means a patient or former patient of the Trust.
The Act only applies to records, including medical records, about living individuals.
 It allows individuals the right to access their own information, whilst maintaining confidentiality.
The Trust has specific policies relating to the storage, management and access of patient notes which follow the relevant legislation and guidance.
Access to health records is denied to any other persons, unless specifically authorised by the individual, or where there are other lawful exceptions.
In the majority of circumstances, access to records incurs a charge which can be up to £50.

Access to your health records - by yourself or a representative

Under the Data Protection Act you can access your own personal health records that the Trust holds. This is called a Subject Access Request. If you wish to make a request for your own details, click here to find out how to go about it and how much it will cost you.
If you are making a personal request for details about someone who has passed away, please click here.
If you are making a request for information about your children, please click here.
If you are a legal body representing a client, or from the police, veterans agencies, benefits services, social services, please click here.
All requests are handled by the Trust’s Information Governance Team, and can be contacted on to discuss any concerns:
01634 830000 ext 5360 for all personal patient requests for access or 01634 830000 ext 3495 for all other requests for access