Balance centre

The balance centre at Medway Maritime Hospital is part of the ENT service. It is only one of three centres in the country and is recognised nationally, and increasingly internationally, as a centre of excellence for the diagnosis and treatment of balance disorders.
Patients can be referred by:
  • general practitioner
  • Medway ENT services based at Medway Maritime Hospital, Darent Valley Hospital, Gravesend Community Hopsital, Sittingbourne Memorial Hospital and Sheppey Community Hospital
  • audiology services
  • consultants from other trusts.
This service is led by Professor Rahul Kanegaonkar, Consultant Otorhinolaryngologist
The service is supported by:
  • consultant psychiatrist
  • vestibular physiotherapists
  • respiratory physiotherapist
  • audiologists.
The aim of the balance centre is to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan at the first medical consultation. In most cases patients will commence treatment on their first visit. Patients have direct access via their GPs to this much needed service for conditions which are generally poorly understood and managed.
Patients who suffer from tinnitus and hearing loss are also seen in neuro-otology clinics and referral of patients suffering from these symptoms is welcome.