Foot care (Podiatry)

Our podiatry service provides both clinical care and health promotion for a wide range of medical problems affecting the foot and lower limb. The service is provided at local community clinics, hospital sites and is available for anyone with a foot problem.
Services include:
  • diabetes care
  • wound care
  • management of bone and muscle problems in the feet and legs (biomechanics) e.g. heel pain, flat feet, sports injuries
  • treatment of rheumatoid and arthritic deformities
  • hospital in-patient services
  • nail deformities and nail surgery
  • verrucas, corns/hard skin treatments
  • care for age-related foot problems
We provide a full range of mechanical and physical therapies including laser, acupuncture, cryotherapy, ultrasound, scalpel debridement and orthotics (insole) manufacture.


Please use the self-referral form to refer yourself to our service.

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