Antenatal screening

All pregnant women are offered screening for Down’s Syndrome, known as ‘combined screening’. It involves an ultrasound at 11 – 13 weeks and a blood test. This test determines whether you are at greater risk of having a baby with Down’s Syndrome. If you do receive a high risk result you will be given the opportunity to discuss the findings with the foetal medicine consultant here at Medway.
An abdominal scan to examine the baby and placenta and a vaginal scan to examine the cervix and blood flow to the placenta are offered at around 20 – 22 weeks. All these screening methods will be discussed with you by your community midwife.
If you book between 14 – 22 weeks +6 days and wish to have screening for Down’s Syndrome you can have a blood test called Quadruple test. Again, your community midwife will discuss this with you.

Foetal medicine

The foetal medicine service at Medway is run in partnership with the Harris Birthright Centre and runs a weekly consultant-led clinic for all suspected and confirmed foetal abnormalities, multiple pregnancies and any maternal conditions that may affect the pregnancy.
For more information about antenatal screening and national charities and support groups select the useful website links in the further information box.