Medicines and therapies

Prescribed medicines

Prescribed medicines are those that are recommended by your GP – always remind your GP that you are pregnant when requesting medicines. There are only a few medicines that have been established as safe to use in pregnancy and where possible these are generally used. There may be an occasion when medicines that have not been proven safe in pregnancy will be recommended, but these should be limited to circumstances in which the benefits outweigh the risk.

Over-the-counter medicines

Always inform the pharmacist that you are pregnant prior to buying any over-the-counter medicines. There are some medicines that have been established as being safe to take in pregnancy. It is recommended that over-the-counter medicines should be used as little as possible during pregnancy and where possible, try natural remedies i.e. honey and hot water for a sore throat.

Safety and pets

Always wear gloves when you're gardening or changing cat litter, cover any cuts or open wounds with plasters and wash your hands afterwards. This is to avoid toxoplasmosis, an infection caused by a parasite found in meat, cat faeces and soil. The infection can be harmful to unborn babies. Also be extra stringent with hand washing if having picnics or days out to parks or petting zoos.