Substance misuse in pregnancy

It may take courage, but for their own health and their babies, it is always better for women to let their maternity care providers know if they are taking or have taken any substance or drugs, at any time during pregnancy.
Within the Trust we have a specialist clinic (Windmill Clinic) for women who use opiates prior or during their pregnancy. In the clinic we aim to provide individualised care and advice from both a midwife, and obstetrician with specialist knowledge of substance misuse, as well as a drug worker within a friendly and non-judgemental environment. This service is in addition to normal midwifery care, although some women may find it more appropriate to receive most of their care within the clinic.
We liaise with the neonatal staff as some babies may need special care when they are born.


The clinic is held on Tuesdays within the antenatal clinic. An appointment is necessary and referrals can come from any source.
Currently we are only able to see women who have used, or continue to use opiates but we hope to extend this to any substance use, including alcohol in the near future.

For more information contact

The Windmill Clinic liaison midwives, Veronica or Jacquie during the clinic on 01634 830000 ext 5849 or any other time Marion Baker, Lead Midwife, Antenatal Clinic 01634 830000 ext 5852.