The Birth Place

The Birth Place is a midwifery-led unit at the Hospital offering a safe and relaxed environment for women and their families. The emphasis is on a birth experience which involves partners at every stage, supported by a team of midwives and experienced support workers.

The unit is made up of five birthing rooms, and a 4-bed bay. There are 2 birthing pools and all the rooms have relaxing music and adjustable lighting. New parents are offered support with the transition from pregnancy to parenthood on our unit after the birth. Early transfer to the Community Midwifery Service is available as soon as you feel ready to return home.

Admission criteria

Women need to meet the criteria below in order to give birth at The Birth Place:

  • a booking BMI of less than 35 at booking for first time mums and BMI of less than 40 for subsequent uncomplicated pregnancies.
  • Up to 5th baby
  • 37 completed weeks of pregnancy
  • single baby presenting head first
  • spontaneous labour
  • no obstetric or medical complications
  • Haemoglobin (Iron Levels) more than 90g/l

Tours of the unit is offered after 36 weeks. These are on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm and on Sundays at 3pm. Please call The Birth Place on 01634 825199 to book a place.

Please speak to your midwife or consultant obstetrician if you have any questions about choice of place of birth, or visit the links on this page to find out more.

Our team of midwives and experienced support workers will provide one to one care to women who have experienced a low risk pregnancy. Our focus is on normality in birth; we believe that pregnancy and birth are natural processes and therefore support minimal interventions.

Getting to know your baby

Bonding is the intense attachment that develops between parents and their baby.

Bonding is essential for a baby’s emotional development.

We recognise that during the early days following the birth you will experience a variety of emotions, keeping your baby close to you at all times will help you both stay calm and relaxed.

The maternity staff are here to help support you in the early days and weeks after the birth. We encourage that your baby stays with you at all times during your stay.


  • During labour you should have your preferred partners with you. If you are transferred to Delivery Suite, they will ask that there is a maximum of 2 partners.
  • Whilst there is open visiting for partners, friends and family, once you have delivered your baby, consideration should be given to the number of visitors at one time.
  • All visiting is at the mother’s discretion and dependant on her requirements for privacy and rest.
  • A birth partner is welcome to stay overnight to support in caring for your new baby. Our rooms have double beds and the beds in the 4-bed bay have reclining chairs for partner. 
  • Your own children may visit you in The Birth Place. 
  • Although you and your birth partners are invited to use the communal spaces, we ask that visitors remain in your room to support the privacy and dignity of others.

Going home

Once you get home you will have contact numbers to call 24 hours a day should you need any advice and the support of your community midwifery team that you got to know during your pregnancy.

We would like to know what you think of The Birth Place so please help us by completing the Friends and Family Test card given before discharge. Please also feel free to fill in the feedback book which can be found in your room.

Find us

The Birth Place
Green Zone
Level 4
Telephone: 01634 825199