Perineal Clinic

The Perineal Clinic is a specialist clinic for women who have perineal or pelvic floor problems following childbirth. We aim to ensure that recovery following perineal injury is as quick and uncomplicated as possible, whilst supporting women to make informed choices about their future pregnancy and childbirth options.

We offer expert assessment of women who have experienced significant injuries to the perineum (mainly third or fourth degree tears), both in the postnatal period and in any subsequent pregnancies. You will have a discussion with the consultant in the clinic about the birth itself and any symptoms you are currently experiencing, and will be offered an in depth assessment of the healing of the tear using ultrasound techniques as well as an assessment of the function of the torn muscles. Using this information, we will be able to advise you on maintaining your pelvic floor function in the future, as well as your options for future childbirth. 

We also see women who have experienced problems with perineal wounds, including healing problems and pain, as well as women who have difficulties with bladder and bowel function following childbirth. 

The clinic is staffed by a specialist consultant and a nurse practitioner, and we work very closely with the women’s health physiotherapy team. Most women with significant perineal injuries will be seen by one of our physiotherapy team whilst in hospital and we also offer a telephone follow up service after discharge so that any problems can be identified early.