Planned Caesarean

What is Team Aurelia?

Team Aurelia provide individualised care for women having an elective caesarean. We provide support and care for the pre-assessment, pre-delivery, during the birth and into the immediate post-natal period.

Once an elective caesarean section is booked by an obstetrician, Team Aurelia will contact you within seven working days by phone and/or email. with your:

  • Caesarean section date
  • Anaesthetic review date
  • Pre-assessment date.

Who are Team Aurelia?

Team Aurelia comprises three midwives, Nicola Blackbourn, Claire Forrest and Patricia Chaplin, and a maternity support worker, Cheryl Morley. We work closely with a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of obstetricians, anaesthetists, theatre staff, neonatal staff, the delivery suite, post-natal ward, specialist diabetic midwives and community midwives.

The story goes that Julius Caesar was born by Caesarean section and the operation gets its name from this association. Aurelia was his mother, and by using her name, Team Aurelia aims to emphasise that our focus is on the mother.

What are the aims of Team Aurelia?

Team Aurelia aims to enhance your birthing experience and your birthing partner's by recognising that,

 “It's a birth first, an operation second!”

We want to empower you by addressing your expectations and choices, and by alleviating your anxieties.

How do I contact Team Aurelia?

Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm

Telephone: 01634 825113

or via Kent Ward

Telephone: 01634 825101 or 825100

We may be in theatre and unable to take your call immediately but if you leave a message we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How is my Caesarean Section date calculated? 

Your caesarean section date will be calculated according to your clinical indication, the Obstetrician’s decision and the due date obtained from your dating scan. Caesareans are performed Monday to Friday mornings only with a maximum of three per day. We ask that you come to Kent ward (Green zone, Level 4) at 7am on the day.

What is the anaesthetic review?

This is sometimes called “Safe Sleep” and is usually performed on Eliot ward by a nurse called Cecilia. Eliot ward is located opposite the main entrance next to the main multi-storey car park. Cecilia will assess your previous medical and surgical history and refer you to an anaesthetist if required. You will also be weighed and have your observations recorded. If you do not receive an anaesthetic review as a result of your caesarean being booked quite late, you will be assessed by an anaesthetist on the day of your caesarean.

What is the Pre-assessment clinic?

At the pre-assessment clinic, to ensure continuity of care, we discuss your birth choices and make sure you are physically and psychologically prepared for delivery. We gather relevant information for the multi-disciplinary team, discuss the enhanced recovery programme and familiarise you and your birthing partner with the unit.

Team Aurelia will conduct your pre-assessment on Kent ward (Green zone, level 4). Please ensure you bring your maternity notes with you.

What are my Birth Choices?

We discuss the following birth options:

  • Lowering the screen so the mother and birthing partner can see the baby and take photos
  • Aspects of hypno-birthing techniques
  • A quiet theatre for a peaceful delivery for mother and baby
  • Your choice of music
  • Skin to skin at delivery with mother
  • Partners cutting the cord.

What is the Enhanced Recovery Programme?

We follow an enhanced recovery pathway that helps you to recover more quickly, be discharged sooner, increase your confidence following your baby's birth, and reduce hospital acquired infections, complications and readmissions to hospital.

What is Skin to Skin?

Team Aurelia ensure that there is continued skin to skin contact between you and your baby in theatre and recovery. This aids bonding, breastfeeding, brain development, and parenting skills, reduces infant crying, and regulates the infants temperature, breathing and heart rate. We offer additional support with breastfeeding as soon as possible to make sure that you are given the same opportunities that mothers have following a vaginal birth.

It is very important that your baby's first feed is given while he/she shows signs of readiness to feed and while in direct contact. If you choose to artificially feed your baby you will be shown how to hold and feed your baby safely and bottlefeed in a responsive way.

Even if you do not intend to breastfeed your baby, he or she can benefit from having a very small quantity of colostrum. Your baby's gut is sterile at birth, colostrum is perfectly designed to line the baby's gut and be absorbed, laying down the groundwork for future healthy development and proper digestion.