Security at the hospital

During your stay at Medway Maritime Hospital, the safety and care of both you and your baby are of paramount importance to us. Please read the information below so that you are aware of the safety measures in place at the hospital and how you can help us to ensure that you and your baby are safe while with us.

  • All doors to ward areas are kept locked and only members of staff that work in the unit can gain entry via their identification badge. An intercom and security cameras are used to assess visitors before entry onto hospital wards. Please help us by ensuring that your visitors are aware that they should not allow others to follow them in when entering our wards
  • Please ensure that you NEVER leave your baby unattended. If you need to leave your baby for any reason, please inform a member of staff straight away
  • All newborn babies have an identification tag; please let us know straightaway if your baby’s tag comes off
  • All our staff wear an identification badge; if you cannot see it please ask them to show it to you
  • If you notice any incident that causes you concern please inform a member of staff immediately.