Useful information

Alternative coping strategies for labour

Our maternity unit supports the use of pools, mats, balls and soft lighting in labour. We offer a limited aromatherapy service and sterile water injections for back pain in labour. We support hypnobirthing and hold monthly taster sessions for women from 16 weeks. For further information on this please call The Birth Place on 01634 825199 or speak to your community midwife.

Infant feeding

We recognise the importance of supporting all parents to feed their babies with confidence and to build strong and loving parent-infant relationships; these relationships are crucial for good health and well-being. 

Preparing for labour

As your due date approaches, it is a good idea to start preparing for the arrival of your new baby – there are several things you can do to help make it a smooth and stress free process. 

Health during early pregnancy

There are several things you should pay particular attention to during your early pregnancy including diet, exercise and working, medicines and therapies and smoking and alcohol consumption. 

Security at the hospital

During your stay at Medway Maritime Hospital, the safety and care of both you and your baby are of paramount importance to us.