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The Medway Foundation Trust is continually looking at different methods of care to understand how these may be improved. This work is led by the Research and Development team, a group of scientists, research nurses and midwives, administrators and pharmacists. The team collaborates on a range of projects with local healthcare partners, pharmaceutical and professional services companies, and with our academic partners, Greenwich University, Canterbury Christchurch University and University of Kent.
Research and Development Officer Robert Hughes explains, ‘The aim of this work is to explore and discover better treatments, new medicines, and better ways of providing care. Through research and development, the NHS develops new techniques and therapies in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. As a Trust, we lead around 170 projects at any given time, involving around 9,000 patients each year which is the largest population of patients involved in clinical trials in the region.’
Some of the areas the Trust is exploring include advancements in cancer treatment and foetal medicine, and the development of new medical devices. One project, being carried out in partnership with CUPRIS Health and our patients, is to develop better ways of diagnosing inner ear conditions. This project involves patients taking high quality images of the inside of their ears using a tiny camera that connects to their Smartphone. The patient then uses their Smartphone to send the image to a clinician for diagnosis.
Working together in this way with patients and our partners, the Trust is helping the NHS to continue making advances in medical research that directly benefit patient outcomes.

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