Friends and Family Test

Have your say and help us improve our services

Patient feedback is really important to us. Listening to the views of patients, and their friends and family, allows us to understand what is working well, and what we need to do to improve our services to ensure we deliver the very best of care to patients at all times. It also allows us to improve the hospital environment for everyone.

Our Friends and Family Test (FFT) provides all patients, as well as their carers and loved ones, the opportunity to leave feedback on their care and treatment. The questions are short and simple and the survey takes no more than a few minutes to complete.

You can access the FFT in a variety of ways. You can either click on one of the links below, or use the camera on your handheld mobile device to scan the QR code displayed on posters and / or pull-up banners in the area you, or your family member received care or accessed one of our services. Some of our staff may also show you a QR code on a sticker on the back of their staff ID badge. When you scan the QR code simply click on the link that appears to be taken to the FFT to complete. You will need to click on the drop down menu to select the area you attended or were cared in.

However you choose to access the FFT, which is completely anonymous, we encourage you to be as honest as you can about your, or your friend or family member’s, experience of our services, staff, and procedures. There is also a section for you to make suggestions for improvements. We really do welcome your honest feedback as it allows us to make the changes that matter to you, and in turn helps to improve the experience for others.

If you have any queries about the FFT, or if you have any issues accessing the links below or the QR codes displayed on posters etc. then please email 

If you would like to contact us about a concern or complaint please click here.