Come and join Medway’s new staff bank and enjoy the benefits

Date: 20 November 2016

HR temporary staffing team
The temporary staffing team

A strong workforce based on shared values and team spirit is at the heart of any great organisation and is ever more fundamental in a hospital that prides itself upon the delivery of excellent patient care day-in, day-out.

The Trust is improving its staffing service through a new in-house staff bank. For a Trust the size of ours, with a staff headcount of approximately 4,500, an in-house staffing resource has the advantage of reducing spend on expensive agency staff and improving efficiency in scheduling.

Offering a wide range of career opportunities – from nursing and portering to administration and housekeeping – as well as the chance to become an integral part of the organisation, the staff bank also allows the Trust to strengthen working standards, an important factor in delivering good patient care.

For employees, joining the in-house staff bank offers existing and potential staff a number of advantages including the option to take up flexible or additional shifts, competitive rates of pay, priority for shifts over external agency staff, paid annual leave, paid statutory and mandatory training and the ability to join the NHS Pension Scheme.

‘This is a positive step in modernising and improving the way in which we staff our hospital,’ said Lizzie Earl, Head of Temporary Staffing.
‘We are running a seven-day service from 7:30am to 9:00pm. This will give those signed up to the service priority for shifts, as well as benefits including annual leave and pension.

‘This move is designed to reduce our agency spend as well as ensure that, regardless of whether you are a permanent or flexible worker, you are an integral part of the Trust.’

The initiative supports the Trust’s commitment to deliver excellent patient care. If you are currently working for NHS Professionals, the Trust can offer you a speedy recruitment to the new in-house staff bank.

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  • Summary:

    Medway NHS Foundation Trust is improving its staffing service through a new in-house staff bank.