Junior doctors help develop pocket guidebook to deliver faster, better care

Date: 01 December 2016

Green Book doctors
Pictured from left: Claire Henderson, Oliver Sohan, David Jonathan Jones, Dheeraj Khiatani

Medway Maritime Hospital is launching a guidebook to help junior doctors provide faster, safer treatment for patients with acute illness. 

Developed over five months by four junior doctors working at the Trust, the publication, known as The Green Book, aims to provide junior doctors with easy access to up to date advice in acute clinical situations. Plans are in place to adapt The Green Book into a smartphone application by autumn 2016, making it even more accessible.

Dr David Jones, who collaborated on the project, was inspired to develop The Green Book after using a similar guidebook at another Trust. 'The idea was to give doctors ready access to clinical guidance in a concise format, available in any setting in the hospital, with or without access to a computer terminal. This is particularly important when doctors are on call, caring for patients with acute symptoms. The Green Book allows the doctor to provide fast, safe diagnosis and treatment, using the best clinical guidance available, minimising the risk of their condition deteriorating any further.'

The Green Book is arranged in ten themes covering over 40 acute clinical conditions from cardiology and gastroenterology to oncology and cardiovascular.

Part of the Deteriorating Patient Programme, The Green Book is an example of how our junior doctors are bringing fresh approaches and ideas to high quality, safe patient care. The four authors of the publication - Dr David Jones, Dr Oliver Sohan, Dr Dheeraj Khiatani and Dr Claire Henderson - are also enrolled in the Trust's Medilead programme, which helps junior doctors to develop wider leadership skills as part of their role.

Asked if he had any words of advice for someone considering starting a similar project, Dr Jones said: 'The most challenging aspect of starting any project in a large, complex organisation is figuring out how to put it in motion. A good place to begin is finding out if your organisation has a leadership programme, and joining it. Being part of MediLead (the Trust's leadership programme for junior doctors) was key. MediLead gave each of us the confidence and training to put the project plan together. It also gave us access to senior consultants and managers in the Trust, whose support is essential in bringing projects like this to life.'

To fnd out more about The Green Book, contact thegreenbook@gmail.com

  • Summary:

    Medway Maritime Hospital is launching a guidebook to help junior doctors provide faster, safer treatment for patients with acute illness.