Medway’s endoscopy team expand services

Date: 23 November 2016

Endoscopy team
The endoscopy team

In a given year, the Trust’s 25-strong endoscopy team will carry out around 10,000 procedures. This will typically be a mix of both diagnostic procedures, to help with finding out what may be happening with a patient, and therapeutic procedures to treat a specific condition.

The most common procedures here at the Trust are colonoscopy (investigation of the large bowel), gastroscopy (investigation of the stomach) and flexible sigmoidoscopy (investigation of the left side of the bowel).

As with many services, demand for endoscopy services is growing year on year. To help accommodate this, in April the unit moved from a five to a six-day service contract. This will mean that around 100 more people in Medway will have access to treatment on a monthly basis. Earlier this year, the team also began offering endoscopic ultrasound bronchoscopy, a procedure previously unavailable, meaning residents had to travel to London.

‘As most people in endoscopy are outpatients, the team has a slightly different skill mix to other hospital wards,’ says Julie Hooper, Nurse Endoscopist and head of the unit. ‘Along with ward clerks, our team is made up of care support workers who look after the patients throughout their treatment, and decontamination technicians who are responsible for sterilising our scopes.’

Julie, who qualified in 2013 as a Nurse Endoscopist, is qualified to carry out flexible sigmoidoscopy, and works alongside the unit’s consultants, which include a colorectal surgeon and a gastroenterologist. This has helped to meet the unit’s growing demand from the local community.

Our Endoscopy Team is ambitious to expand endoscopy services further, helping to offer people in Medway an even greater range of high quality health care services for their local community.

  • Summary:

    In a given year, Medway Hospital’s 25-strong endoscopy team will carry out around 10,000 endoscopy procedures.