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From March 2017 the Trust is publishing all Freedom of Information requests that it responds to. This includes the content of the original request, what it was about and our response. Simply select a category and ‘search’. As the volume of published requests grows you may need to set a date range. The Trust currently receives over 700 requests a year.

Much of the information the Trust discloses may already be available on our Publication Scheme.

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Request IDTitleDate Requested
FOI 4522FOI 4522- Patients under specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services issued with the ICD-1021-02-2018
FOI 4457FOI 4457-Patients with MS Treated with Modifying drugs From July-December 201719-02-2018
FOI 4458FOI 4458-Number of children admitted through A&E due to self harm April 2016 and 31 March 201719-02-2018
FOI 4449FOI 4449-Number of patients prescribed with medicines 01/01/2015 until 01/01/201819-02-2018
FOI 4448FOI 4448-Software used by the Trust19-02-2018
FOI 4447FOI 4447-Number of overseas visitor managers employed by the Trust and charges to oversea visitor 2013-201819-02-2018
FOI 4461FOI 4461- Disposable drinking cups used by the Trust15-02-2018
FOI 4419FOI 4419-Agenda for Change pay band15-02-2018
FOI 3971FOI 3971-Cost of feeding patients per day For 2016/2017 and the cost of wasted meal.10-01-2018
FOI 4394FOI 4394-Amount spent on external/permanents validators for Referral10-01-2018
FOI 4421FOI 4421-Details of energy suppliers and contracts10-01-2018
FOI 4383FOI 4383-Contract details for personal health record10-01-2018
FOI 4409FOI 4409-Hymen reconstructive surgery10-01-2018
FOI 4359FOI 4359-General Surgical Mortality and Meeting10-01-2018
FOI 3910FOI 3910-Private Patients treated10-01-2018
FOI 3911FOI 3911-Injury Cost Recovery10-01-2018
FOI 3913FOI 3913-Podiatry Services10-01-2018
FOI 3916FOI 3916-Children's Dental Services10-01-2018
FOI 4417FOI 4417-Bank supplier and staffing group08-01-2018
FOI 4401FOI 4401-Dress code and uniform policy08-01-2018