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From March 2017 the Trust is publishing all Freedom of Information requests that it responds to. This includes the content of the original request, what it was about and our response. Simply select a category and ‘search’. As the volume of published requests grows you may need to set a date range. The Trust currently receives over 700 requests a year.

Much of the information the Trust discloses may already be available on our Publication Scheme.

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Request IDTitleDate Requested
FOI 4039FOI 4039-Infection prevention in the Trust04-09-2017
FOI 4018FOI 4018- Bed capacity in the Trust, no.of patients moved to another Trust.04-09-2017
FOI 4095FOI 4095- Spending on medical equipment04-09-2017
FOI 4189FOI 4189-Info on Physiotherapy staff and services04-09-2017
FOI 4178FOI 4178-IT systems used for clinical and non-clinical04-09-2017
FOI 4048FOI 4048-Info on Gift donation received for the past 5 years31-08-2017
FOI 4099FOI 4099-Social Media Governance Policy31-08-2017
FOI 4181FOI 4181-X- ray Equipment used by the Trust31-08-2017
FOI 4142FOI 4142-Data relating to waiting times for knee/hip/cataract surgery31-08-2017
FOI 4126FOI 4126-Spend on BI platform and IT contractors30-08-2017
FOI 4121FOI 4121-ICT contract(s) for Server Hardware Maintenance, Server Virtualisation Licenses and Maintenance and Storage Area Network30-08-2017
FOI 4131FOI 4131-HIV patients treated with different drugs30-08-2017
FOI 4035FOI 4035-Spending on Patient and Staff transport, Transport of clinical items or materials such as specimens24-08-2017
FOI 4017FOI 4017-Number of times that staff have been attacked, security measurement put in place23-08-2017
FOI 3970FOI 3970- Research on accommodation for doctors, car crashes or fatalities involving doctors23-08-2017
FOI 4137FOI 4137-Number of intersex babies the Trust have operated on23-08-2017
FOI 4168FOI 4168- Children's Ward closures23-08-2017
FOI 4102- ResponseFOI 4102-Information on Agency Spend23-08-2017
FOI 4146-FOI 4146-Medical Devices23-08-2017
FOI 4152FOI 4152-The quantity of Caspofungin 50mg prescribed23-08-2017