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From March 2017 the Trust is publishing all Freedom of Information requests that it responds to. This includes the content of the original request, what it was about and our response. Simply select a category and ‘search’. As the volume of published requests grows you may need to set a date range. The Trust currently receives over 700 requests a year.

Much of the information the Trust discloses may already be available on our Publication Scheme.

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Request IDTitleDate Requested
FOI 4284FOI 4284-total Agency spend for Medical Locum Doctors within Oncology30-10-2017
FOI 4273FOI 4273-The number of children attending A and E with upper and lower urinary tract infections30-10-2017
FOI 4266FOI 4266-Patients that were referred for treatment (ESWL) HRG LB36Z extra corpeal lithotripsy during 2016/17, and where they were referred to?19-10-2017
FOI 4256FOI 4256-"No. of patients treated for Cervical/thoracic/lumbar Fracture, dislocation or combination thereof18-10-2017
FOI 4281FOI 4281-Information whether the hospital use GS1 barcode system16-10-2017
FOI 4145FOI 4145-Staff and Agency Data16-10-2017
FOI 4197FOI 4197-Fast Track Continuing Healthcare. End of Life needs. Framework for NHS continuing healthcare16-10-2017
FOI 4118FOI 4118-Total Recruitment Advertising expenditure from 1 January to 31 December 2016.16-10-2017
FOI 4231FOI 4231-Number of serious Incidents reported,description of each of these incidents16-10-2017
FOI 4225FOI 4225-Name of who heads pharmacy team and pharmacy organisation chart16-10-2017
FOI 4183FOI 4183-Nursing Directorate staffing posts and structure16-10-2017
FOI 4153FOI 4153-pays for your home NIV service, i.e. the CCG or NHS England12-10-2017
FOI 4263FOI 4263-Use of Gentle Touch® / Prone Positioning Pillow / Prone Position Foam Headrest11-10-2017
FOI 4272FOI 4272-NHS providers that also offer a private adult hearing aid service11-10-2017
FOI 4182FOI 4182-Patient Safety Serious Incidents09-10-2017
FOI 4250FOI 4250-The organisations internal plans and strategies- IM&T, IS, ICT Strategy08-10-2017
FOI 4237FOI 4237-Admissions to ED for trampoline related injuries,08-10-2017
FOI 4236FOI 4236-Car parking information - income from parking fines, disabled parking etc06-10-2017
FOI 4255FOI 4255-NHS Improvement proposal for pathology hubs and spokes06-10-2017
FOI 4253FOI 4253-software product(s) being used to manage your IT05-10-2017