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From March 2017 the Trust is publishing all Freedom of Information requests that it responds to. This includes the content of the original request, what it was about and our response. Simply select a category and ‘search’. As the volume of published requests grows you may need to set a date range. The Trust currently receives over 700 requests a year.

Much of the information the Trust discloses may already be available on our Publication Scheme.

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Request IDTitleDate Requested
FOI4209FOI 4209-Trust use of electronic observation system for recording Paediatric patient’s observations.26-09-2017
FOI 4173FOI 4173-Operation waiting times26-09-2017
FOI 4158FOI 4158-Relocation and Retention premia’s (RRP) in addition to the basic salary package to medical & dental new starters since 1st April 201626-09-2017
FOI 4229FOI 4229-Number of people who have been on the eating disorder referral waiting list for each of the last five years for both adult mental health services and CAMHS. And average waiting time for referral21-09-2017
FOI 4219FOI 4219-figures for cases of sepsis as a cause of death in Medway21-09-2017
FOI 4224FOI 4224-Electronic IT system used by the Trust21-09-2017
FOI 4222FOI 4222-Cost of feeding one inpatient per day21-09-2017
FOI 4204FOI 4204-Staff Absence21-09-2017
FOI 4191FOI 4191-Cancer patients NHS or self funder data21-09-2017
FOI 4214FOI 4214-patients with Multiple Sclerosis have been treated with MS disease modifying drugs in the past 6 months21-09-2017
FOI 4199FOI 4199-ICT strategy and break down of ICT department Budget and spend programme13-09-2017
FOI 4201FOI 4201-Number of Elective operation carried out by the Trust13-09-2017
FOI 4207FOI 4207-Job Description and Person spec for the IG Role12-09-2017
FOI 3938FOI 3938-Patients who are medically fit to leave hospital but unable to be safely discharged. Staffing resourcing and agency spend12-09-2017
FOI 4156FOI 4156-Assessments, risk registers or similar documents on the effects of leaving the European Union12-09-2017
FOI 4203FOI 4203-Services lost to private companies12-09-2017
FOI 4121FOI 4121-ICT contract(s) for Server Hardware Maintenance, Server Virtualisation Licenses and Maintenance and Storage Area Network12-09-2017
FOI 4125-Patient Data for Cancer Patients11-09-2017
FOI 3753FOI 3753-Emergency Paediatric Scrotal pain and exploration11-09-2017
FOI 3924-Wound Care11-09-2017