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From March 2017 the Trust is publishing all Freedom of Information requests that it responds to. This includes the content of the original request, what it was about and our response. Simply select a category and ‘search’. As the volume of published requests grows you may need to set a date range. The Trust currently receives over 700 requests a year.

Much of the information the Trust discloses may already be available on our Publication Scheme.

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Request IDTitleDate Requested
FOI 3899FOI 3899-Treatment cost of overseas patients23-05-2017
FOI 3921FOI 3921- Scan Cost breakdown for babies23-05-2017
FOI 3900FOI 3900- IT team and infrastructure equipment23-05-2017
FOI 3997FOI 3997- No. of FOIs received23-05-2017
FOI 3871FOI 3871- Record of theft in Hospital23-05-2017
FOI 3930FOI 3930-Babies were born with neonatal abstinence syndrome22-05-2017
FOI 3993FOI 3993-Cyber Attacks19-05-2017
FOI 3981FOI 3981- Spend on taxis ferrying staff19-05-2017
FOI 3887FOI 3887- Children aged 15 and under who have been diagnosed with alcoholism or drug related conditions18-05-2017
FOI 3976FOI 3976- Lipid Clinic Referrals17-05-2017
FOI 3852FOI 3852- No. of beds, Patients receiving Chemotheraphy and Mouthwash usage16-05-2017
FOI 3968FOI 3968-Trust plan to implement Sustainability and Transformation Plan16-05-2017
FOI 3915FOI 3915- No. of beds in A&E and upfront payment for overseas patients16-05-2017
FOI 3682FOI 3682-Trust spend in on IT15-05-2017
FOI 3772FOI 3772- Deaths, patients with learning disabilities, NRLS incidents, STEIS incidents15-05-2017
FOI 3943FOI 3943- Office Print Contract used by Trust15-05-2017
FOI 3956FOI 3956- Patients over aged over 75years old who hold a DNR10-05-2017
FOI 3949FOI 3949-children’s operation cancelled each month since 1st July 201610-05-2017
FOI 3936FOI 3936-Babies born that weighed 12lbs (5443g) or more10-05-2017
FOI 3958FOI 3958- Job description of Executive Assistant post to Directors09-05-2017