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Public events are held regularly and anyone is welcome to attend.

Our events include themed presentations and workshops, and are your opportunity to meet some of our staff members and hear what is happening at the Trust.

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Upcoming Public Events

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Thursday 4 May


Breaking down barriers and the stigma of perinatal mental health

Part of Maternal Mental Health Week

This will be a hybrid event
Join us in person in the Common Room, Education Centre - Medway Maritime Hospital. Or join online via MS Teams.
Further information will be available shortly
To book a space, please email:

Friday 28 July


Summer Fun Day

Our popular Summer Fun Day will be returning again this year - keep checking for more information!

Wednesday 27 September


Annual Members' Meeting

Further information will be available nearer the time.

Previous Public Events

Quality Priorities - 8 February 2023

Our Chief Executive, Jayne Black welcomed our virtual attendees and shared  an overview on our improvement programme 'Patient First'.

Evonne Hunt - Chief Nursing Officer, Alison Davis - Chief Medical Officer and Gavin McDonald - Chief Operating Officer, spoke to attendees about the progress against our break through objectives and the Quality Priorities for 2022/23.

Following the presentation, attendees then participated in 'break out' rooms, where each group discussed priorities corresponding to one of the three quality domains: 'Safe', 'Effective' and 'Person-Centred Care'.

After the breakout groups, everyone came back together as one group for a final feedback session to share information from the groups and to collate feedback and facilitate and further questions.

A copy of the slides are available here.

Planning for Winter - 7 December 2022

We were pleased to be able to speak to members both in person and virtually at this hybrid event, held in our Education Centre and online via MS Teams. The focus was winter planning and the measures we have been taking to reduce our Referral To Treatment (RTT) waiting times.

Speakers included Benn Best, Director of Operations; Dr Graeme Sanders, Divisional Medical Director; Cliff Evans, ED Consultant Nurse, and Dr Christopher Parokkaran, Consultant Acute Physician.

Annual Members' Meeting - 18 October 2022

The 2022 Annual Members’ Meeting was back at the Trust. We had a good attendance in person and virtually and were able to provide an update about the work that has happened over the last 12 months and our aspirations for the future. 

If you were unable to join on the evening you can see a copy of the slides here.

Summer Fun Day - 11 August 2022

Over £500 was raised thanks to colleagues and hundreds of members of our community attending the Summer Fun Day, who took part in the various activities on offer and purchased goodies from our food stall and pre-loved toys and books sale.

The weather was lovely and there was a wonderful community spirit at the event. As well as bringing a real sense of fun to the hospital, it also helped to raise awareness of the many charities that support the Trust.

We were visited by Superman and Superwoman, and had performances from local group All Star Performers and our very own Sona. Therapy dogs Yazzy and Mabel also came to join in the fun, as well as local community club Medway Family Badminton.

Summer Fun Day 2022

How Research Benefits All - 27 April 2022

The Research Team celebrated their trials and projects at our public event. We were pleased to see around 40 attendees, comprising members of the public and several Governors. It was particularly pleasing that a number of community groups such as the Medway Neurological Network were represented.

Our Chief Executive, Dr George Findlay welcomed attendees and introduced Dr Edyta McCallum, Head of Research and Innovation (R&I). The session covered topics such as the recovery-respiratory support trial for COVID-19 patients, and the team also shared some of their home-grown research, focusing on successes and the future of research.

The event also provided an opportunity for the Research Team to not only share their achievements but to share evidence of the importance of research. The presentations sparked many great questions.

One of our attendees said: ‘I thought the topics presented were of particular interest to patients past or present since it was easy to relate to them. It changed my view of the hospital. There’s so much happening behind the public face of the hospital that’s devoted to our benefit.’

A copy of the slides are available here.

Quality Priorities - 20 January 2022

The purpose of this meeting was to have an open, transparent forum in order to engage with our patients and external stakeholders to develop our quality priorities for the coming year, and to give an update on the progress or existing priorities.

Our Chief Executive, Dr George Findlay welcomed more than 40 attendees and introduced our new Chief Nursing and Quality Officer, Evonne Hunt, and our new Chief Medical Officer, Alison Davis. He outlined the importance of having quality priorities, and their alignment to the new Patient First Programme.

Niloufar Hajilou (Associate Director of Quality and Safety) and Kerry O'Neill (Quality Improvement Advisor) gave an update on the progress of our Quality Priorities from April 2020 to December 2021.

George and Niloufar then spoke about the Trust's new Patient First Programme, and the quality priority proposals for 2022/23,- ensuring that they are aligned appropriately.

Attendees took part in group 'break out' sessions, where each group discussed priorities corresponding to one of the three quality domains: 'Safe', 'Effective' and 'Caring'. Following this, a group feedback session was held in order to collate feedback and facilitate and further questions.

A copy of the slides are available here.

Improvements to our Emergency Department and Care of Elderly People - 18 November 2021

Glynis Alexander, Executive Director of Communications and Engagement, welcomed attendees and thanked them for joining us. She introduced Jayne Black, our new Chief Operating Officer.

Jayne updated attendees on COVID-19 vaccinations, winter preparedness, and the opening of the new Emergency Department.

Dr Sanjay Suman, Consultant Geriatrician and Clinical Director (Therapies and Older Persons Care Group), shared the journey of the Trust’s frailty services over recent years, and the improvements which have been made. He spoke about what frailty is, it’s prevalence in the local community, and the way in which it is identified, categorised and treated. The presentation also included information about how the Care Group is structured and what services they provide, including the newly opened Emerald Frailty Assessment Unit.

Dr Suman concluded that a great deal of progress has been made towards the goal of a Centre of Excellence for Frailty, but there is still work to be done. A whole system collaborative approach is required to make frailty services the best they can be.

The presentation sparked a number of questions and some very interesting discussions, after which Jayne thanked everyone for attending. It was noted that a number of attendees had requested that Dr Suman present again in the future, and they were particularly interested in the discharge process.

A copy of the slides are available here

Annual Members' Meeting - 16 September 2021

The Trust’s Chair Jo Palmer was pleased to open the event and welcome all of our guests. George Findlay, Chief Executive provided a review of the year. We also got to hear from our new Lead Governor, Cllr David Brake and Jane Murkin, Chief Nursing and Quality Officer.

Professor Ranjit Akolekar spoke about the acclaimed Medway Fetal Medicine and Antenatal department and also shared his new Parents' Network. We were joined by one of his patients Karly, who bravely shared her pregnancy journey and why she feels the Parents' Network will be invaluable to so may expectant parents and their families.

A copy of the slides are available here

Innovation and Improvement - 24 June 2021

George Findlay, Chief Executive shared the latest updates from the Trust. We also got to hear from a variety of speakers from the Innovation Centre and Professor Ranjit Akolekar, Clinical Director of Women's Health.

A copy of the slides are available here

Patient Experience - 28 April 2021

Karen McIntyre, Associate Director of Patient Experience shared how we are working with you to design the Patient Experience Strategy. It was also an opportunity for all our guests to share their views with us on 'What does a good patient experience look like?'

A copy of the slides are available here

Quality Priorities – 24 February 2021

The Trust’s Chair Jo Palmer was pleased to welcome members to our first Members’ event of 2021.  The event was an opportunity to update members on progress with the Quality Strategy and last year’s Quality Priorities. Members then had the opportunity to share their views during breakout sessions on the proposed priorities for safe, effective and person-centred care for 2021/22. 

Jane Murkin, Chief Nursing and Quality Officer, updated members on progress with the Quality Strategy and Quality Priorities and introduced the proposed Quality Priorities for 2021/22.  Angela Gallagher, Chief Operating Officer, provided a brief overview of the Trust’s work to improve patient flow (the patient pathway from arrival, time in hospital through to discharge). 

A copy of the slides are available here and members will be kept informed of progress.

James Devine, Chief Executive welcomed the praise heard during the event and the progress made, and confirmed it was important to hear the personal experience of members whether that be a positive experience or a negative experience from which lessons could be learned.  There were areas about which the Trust should be proud – for example the Awards for periods of 150 days without infections – but there is always more to be done and to aspire to and he assured members of the Trust’s commitment to continue work to consistently provide the care the community deserves.

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