Before you come in

It is important to plan carefully to ensure that the day of your admission to the Sunderland Centre goes smoothly.
Please inform your consultant's secretary as soon as possible if:
  • you develop a cold, sore throat or any other illness

  • you know you are pregnant or think you might be

  • you will be unable to come in for any other reason

Please inform the centre on 01634 825020 if you are extremely overweight or have a   long-standing medical condition such as heart disease, lung disease or very high blood pressure as you may need to be pre-assessed prior to admission.
Please make sure that you have a friend or relative who can accompany you home after your operation. Remember that you will not be able to go home alone and that, following a general anaesthetic, you will not be able to drive for 48 hours. When you are planning your journey home, please remember that public transport is not suitable. We suggest that you use either private transport or a taxi.
Following your operation, you will need easy access to a toilet and telephone. Please inform the centre if you foresee any difficulties.
You must make sure that you have someone to stay with you during the evening and night following your operation.
Remember that the time taken to resume normal activities following your operation will vary depending on what you have had done. Operations on the hands or any part of the leg, including a hernia repair, may limit your mobility and prevent you from driving for many days.

Changes to your personal information

Please help us to keep your information correct by letting us and your GP practice know of any changes to your name, address or your GP.