Your operation

In the ward, nursing staff will weigh you, take your pulse and blood pressure and ask you questions about your health. Some patients may have attended a pre-assessment clinic before coming into the Sunderland Day Case Centre but most patients will be assessed on admission. Medical staff will then see you to make sure that your details are correct before they start the operating session.
Usually there will be a short time to wait before your operation, which can be occupied by reading, watching television or resting. Unfortunately, some patients will have to wait longer for their operation than others, but in the interests of safety and efficiency, this is unavoidable. A friend or relative can sit with you during your stay on the ward.
When it is time for your operation, a nurse will ask you to change into a gown and to get onto a trolley. The trolley will then be wheeled to the anaesthetic room. In the anaesthetic room, you will be given an injection into the hand or arm which will either send you to sleep or, if you are having a local anaesthetic, freeze the area to be operated on.

Consent to operation

Before you have your operation, you will be asked to sign a consent form. The doctor will discuss your operation with you before you sign the form. Please remember to raise any concerns you have about your operation during your discussion with the doctor.


The Sunderland Day Case Centre has some doctors and nurses who are completing their training. We hope you will agree to be seen by these students. You do, however, have the right to refuse to be seen by students and this will not affect your treatment in any way.