Going home

Going home checklist

  • collect your hospital discharge letter for your GP
  • ask for any medical certificates you may need
  • collect your medicine
  • return any hospital library books
  • ask for any valuables you have left with ward staff
  • ask for any pension or allowance books left with the general office
  • make sure you know the date of any follow up day (outpatient) appointments you may have
  • remind the person collecting you to bring outdoor clothing for you
  • give the ward staff a forwarding address for your post
  • remember to take all your belongings.
Most patients are discharged in the morning on the day they are going home. This means beds are available for patients coming into hospital. If you are being collected by a friend or relative, please ask ward staff to give you a likely discharge time.


If you are prescribed medicines or tablets to continue at home, the hospital will provide an initial supply. If you need further supplies, you will be advised to contact your GP. Your prescription details will be included on the discharge letter sent to your GP.

Outpatient appointments

If you need a follow-up appointment, this will be arranged before you leave and a letter of confirmation will be sent on to you.