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Current visiting arrangements at Medway Maritime Hospital

To help keep our patients, staff, and the wider community safe from COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to introduce further visiting restrictions on some of our wards.

All visits to adult patients must be booked in advance. This it to manage visitor numbers to reduce the risk of COVID-19 being passed to patients and staff. Please call 01634 974 050 between 8am and 6pm to book your visiting slot; slots can be booked up to 72 hours in advance.

Other key changes to inpatient visiting are: 

  • One named/nominated visitor per patient. Please note that this will be the only person that will be able to visit the patient while they are in hospital.
  • One daily visit of one hour (visiting slots will be available either between 2pm and 4pm or 6pm and 8pm)
  • A face mask or covering must be worn
  • Visitors will need to have taken a lateral flow test - with a negative result - before coming to the hospital
  • Visitors should not be unwell, or have any symptoms of illness - particularly COVID-19 symptoms

To ensure that we protect our patients, as well as visitors and staff, from the ongoing risks of COVID-19, appropriate infection prevention and control measures will remain in place for the immediate future.

Please continue to observe these measures while you are on our site. These include:

  • Wearing a mask while you are with us
  • Keeping social distancing with other people
  • Washing your hands regularly, or using hand gel
  • Walking on the left side of the corridor
  • Not entering the hospital if you have COVID-19 symptoms, unless you require medical care.

Keeping in touch if you are unable to visit

To help keep everyone safe, we have facilitated other ways of keeping in touch with patients such as telephone calls and video messaging. The Trust has a dedicated email address that can be accessed to email your inpatients:

Visiting patients who are dying

We want to do as much as we can to allow families to spend as much time as they need to with patients who are at the end of their lives. Please speak to the ward manager to discuss how we can support your visits in these circumstances.

Adult inpatient wards

We would recommend that you contact the ward before your visit because visiting rules on specific wards are liable to change at short notice. Please be aware that visiting is not permitted on our Covid wards except on compassionate grounds.

Maternity and Antenatal care

Antenatal Appointments and Ultrasound scans: One partner can attend all baby scans, antenatal appointments and community antenatal appointments.

Birth Partners: The maternity department supports women to have one designated birth partner in attendance whilst they are in labour and admitted to the Delivery suite or The Birth Place. Your birth partner will be able to remain with you until you are transferred to the postnatal ward. Once you are moved to the postnatal ward, your birth partner can stay from 8am-8pm. We are unable to facilitate partners staying overnight or siblings of the baby visiting.

Women admitted in the antenatal period: Visiting for one designated birth partner is facilitated from 8am to 8pm.

Maternity Assessment Unit and Early Pregnancy Unit: Our assessment units are also allowing one accompanying partner for both emergency appointments and routine rescans.  Due to very limited waiting room space and the requirement to maintain social distancing measures, we may ask partners to wait outside the department (for example in their car) and they be called by telephone when the woman is about to be seen so that they can accompany her.

Babies Returning for Review to the Neonatal Unit : The partner can accompany the mother and baby.

Neonatal Unit: Only the parents of the baby may visit the unit.