We diagnose and manage both acute (severe and sudden) and chronic (worsens over time) health conditions related to the heart. We treat people requiring both in hospital and outpatient (community) care and support.
Our Coronary Care Unit treats people requiring acute coronary care, and is supported by a consultant cardiologist on call at all times 24/7.
Working alongside the cardiorespiratory team, we investigate and diagnose a range of conditions, and we provide interventional treatment including:
  • cardio angiograms and angioplasty to widen a narrow or obstructed blood vessel
  • cardiac pacemaker insertion and replacement
  • bi-ventricular pacemakers for the treatment of heart failure
  • implantable cardio-defibrillator for treating heart rhythm problems
We liaise with community services to support patients with heart rhythm disorders, heart failure and cardiac rehabilitation. We run a number of clinics for patients which are accessed by GP referral, including:
  • rapid access chest pain clinic
  • heart failure clinic
  • specialist cardiac electronic device clinic
  • adult congenital heart disease clinic (in partnership with Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital)
Our service is staffed by an experienced team consisting of consultant cardiologists, specialist registrars, nurses and cardiorespiratory physiologists.

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