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Dementia support

The iconic clocktower at Medway Maritime Hospital with the sky behind it

This is me

If you, or a person you care for, has dementia, delirium or other communication difficulties, moving to an unfamiliar place or meeting new people can be unsettling or distressing. This is me® can help to reduce this distress. It helps health and social care professionals build a better understanding of you, or the person you care for, to be able to deliver the best care possible. This is me can be completed and updated anytime by either yourself or the people who are supporting you. Many people like to complete the tool as an activity with their carers or family members, as it can bring up enjoyable memories and conversations.

This is me can be used alongside care plans and taken to unfamiliar or new places, such as hospitals and care homes. It is not a medical document.

About me

My background

My habits and routines

My communication and mobility

My personal habits

Other notes about me

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