Nutrition and dietetics

The nutrition and dietetic department provides a dedicated service to the population of Medway and Swale. Our team of clinicians are based at two sites, Medway Maritime Hospital and Parkwood Health Centre.
Our registered dietitians provide practical, evidence based dietary advice both in the hospital and community. Within the acute setting we cover a range of specialist areas including elderly care, gastroenterology, stroke, surgery, acute medicine, orthopaedics and critical care. We also have dedicated oncology and paediatric dietitians within our team that provide dietary advice and support to patients and their families. We work alongside our catering department to provide optimum nutrition for patients.
We hold outpatient clinics in various locations in Medway and Swale and see patients with a variety of clinical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, coeliac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel disease and nutritional support for weight loss.
If you, or a relative are an inpatient and feel you would benefit from dietetic input please speak to the nurse in charge and they can refer you to our service.