We provide a safe and effective pharmacy service for our patients. We supply all medicines used in the hospital, as well as for healthcare partners in the area, such as the Wisdom Hospice, dispensing around 350,000 items each year.
Dispensary: 01634 830000 ext 6033
Anticoagulation Clinic: 01634 833902
Opening hours :
Monday to Friday 
9am to 5pm
11am to 2.30pm
11am to 2.30pm
Bank holidays 
11am to 2.30pm

Outpatient Pharmacy

Our pharmacy provides medication for inpatients and outpatients being treated or discharged from hospital.
If you are coming into hospital, please bring your medicines with you. This helps us by ensuring that we know exactly what medicines you are or were taking. We will use your medicines whilst you are in hospital but will ensure you go home with new supplies if needed.
Please note that we can only dispense white prescription forms, issued by the hospital. If you have a green-coloured (FP10) prescription, please take it to any retail pharmacy at your convenience.
Patients or carers with medicines queries can visit us, or ring us on the number below.

Anticoagulation Clinic

We provide a specialist advice service for patients on blood thinning medicine, such as warfarin, to help them to manage their dosage correctly and to arrange regular blood tests.

Clinical Pharmacy

Our team provides ward-level support, including medicines review, information and advice, identification and management of complex pharmaceutical needs for patients and ensuring safe, cost-effective prescription practice.

Aseptic Medicines

We have specialist pharmacy technicians who prepare formulations in a sterile environment for intravenous therapies such as chemotherapy.

Medication Data

  • Published data relating to the number of patients issued medication under BNF Chapter 8 for Immune System and Malignant Disease. 
  • Published data relating to the number of patients issued medication under BNF Chapter 10 for Musculoskeletal System.

Find us

The outpatient pharmacy is located at the hospital main entrance:
Outpatient pharmacy
Level 2
Red zone
Dispensary: 01634 830000 ext 6033
Anticoagulation Clinic: 01634 833902