Our Radiology, or Imaging, is at the heart of modern medicine and it is estimated by the Society of Radiographers that over 90% of patients have a form of imaging or scan during their time within hospital. Imaging services are used for fast and accurate diagnosis of many conditions. Once a clinical assessment has been carried out by a Doctor, imaging can be carried out to diagnose and in some areas be used as part of the treatment process. Radiologists and Radiographers select appropriate techniques following the assessment carried out by the Doctor. 

The aim of the department is to produce a diagnosis using Ionising Radiation following As Low As Reasonably Practicable Principle (ALARP) to ensure that radiation exposure is kept to a minimum. When an imaging request is made, the benefits of the scan and the findings outweigh the risk of any radiation exposure and the imaging is requested in the patient’s best interest. 

Our service is QSI Accredited (Quality standards in Imaging), previously ISAS.  This is a CQC recognised scheme. We have been accredited since 2012 and have maintained the high quality service that is expected from this scheme. We are one of approximately 30 Imaging services within the UK to have obtained this Accreditation. 

Services that we provide within our department are:

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