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Work Experience gives those interested in a career in the NHS the opportunity to experience what happens in hospitals, to observe the day-to-day work of NHS staff and gain an insight into the varied job roles vital to the NHS. It will give you an understanding of the attitudes, the behaviours and values that are expected in a healthcare setting.

Here at Medway NHS Foundation Trust, we offer work experience opportunities to students aged 14 years and over, in patient and non-patient facing roles, and within clinical and non-clinical areas. The placement is dependent on the age of the applicant at the time of placement. Please note only applicants over the age of 16 at the time of their placement will be considered for patient-facing work experience.

We provide a full induction, which is currently online, every Monday and then offer block placements from Tuesday to Friday within departments throughout the year.

Priority will be given to local school students within the Medway area. Clinical placements and non-clinical placements are on set weeks for block or rotation placements for one week Monday to Friday throughout the year for local schools and colleges. 

We offer work experience in a variety of areas across the hospital. Below is a list of the current areas you can choose from:


14 years of age or older at time of placement

16 - 17 years
of age at time
of placement

(some areas require DBS checks*)

18+ years of age at time of placement

(some areas require DBS checks*)

Cardiorespiratory   ✅  
Catering  ✅  ✅  ✅
Emergency Department (ED)  ✅  
EPR Project Team    ✅  ✅
Front Desk  ✅  ✅  ✅
HR  ✅  ✅  ✅
IT  ✅  ✅  ✅
Main Reception  ✅  ✅  ✅
Medical Education Library  ✅  ✅  
Medical Examiners Office    ✅  
Medical Records    ✅  
Nursery    ✅  
Perioperative Medicine  ✅  ✅
Pharmacy    ✅  ✅ 
Prehabilitation  ✅  
Procurement  ✅  ✅  
Research and Innovation  ✅  ✅  ✅
Resourcing    ✅  
Resourcing - Temporary Staffing    ✅  
Simulation  ✅  ✅  
Theatres  ✅  
Therapies    ✅  

*An Enhanced DBS is required for some placements. Please note this is at the cost of the applicant.

Application process

Due to high demand, we only accept applications during January, April, July and November from students within Kent and Medway. 

We have limited placements in the hospital and not all applications are successful. We only accept application directly from the student not from friends, parents or school/college staff.

Application windows open at the following time over the year – only for the allocated month as described. We cannot accept applications outside of this. Please apply on the 1st of the application month to be considered:

Application window Month to undertake placement
Apply in January For placements in April
Apply in April For placements in July/August
Apply in July For placements in October
Apply in November For placements in February

For example you can't apply in April to be placed in October