Keeping you safe around our hospital building

Date: 19 April 2021


We are continuing to maintain infection prevention and control measures to combat the risks from COVID-19.

Please check the information below and look out for signage around the hospital. Please note that visiting restrictions remain in place until further guidance is issued from Public Health England.

Entering and leaving the hospital building

Following guidance from the Government’s guidance, anyone attending the hospital must wear a face covering. Please visit here for more information.

Members of the public, visitors and outpatients may enter and exit the hospital via the main entrance. The ramp entrance into green zone level 2 is no longer used as an entrance, but can be used as an exit. Please only enter the hospital via the main entrance, unless you have received an appointment letter which states that you should enter via an alternative entrance, or you are attending the Galton Day Unit.

Please note that the main entrance and green zone level two are the only entrance and exit points for patients and visitors, unless you have been told otherwise in your appointment letter.

Moving around the hospital

Please keep left when walking along corridors. There are signs along the corridor to help you remember to do this.

Stairs are designated one direction only. Signs and maps are available to direct you to which stairs you may use to go up and which ones to go down.

A maximum of two people may be in a lift at any time. If there are already two people in the lift when it arrives, please wait for the next one or take the stairs if you are able.

At your appointment

Please attend alone for your appointment unless you are a parent/guardian bringing your child to an appointment, a carer or require an escort.

Please arrive no more than five minutes before your appointment time.

When waiting a booking desk or for your appointment, please ensure you keep two metres apart  from anyone else around you.

Please comply with the social distancing signage in the seated waiting area and do not sit next to anyone who is not in your household.

Please note that, in line with government guidelines, our coffee shop, dining room and League of Friends Shop remain closed to the public

We understand that these new measures may add more time and pressure to your visit but please know that they are necessary to ensure your safety and that of our staff.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  • Summary:

    We have made some changes to the way we move around the hospital in order to comply with social and physical distancing to keep you safe.